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  • 09 Mar 2018 11:18 AM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    OLYMPIA — Landlords will no longer be able to discriminate against

    tenants who use federal, state or locally issued benefits to pay their rent

    if Gov. Jay Inslee signs a bill approved by the Legislature Tuesday night.

    Click here to read full article!

  • 07 Mar 2018 11:44 AM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    Attorney General cracks down on illegal housing discrimination against veterans with disabilities 

    The legislature is considering changing a state law that prohibits the practice of discriminating against a potential tenant based on their source of income. 

    This includes whether they receive housing vouchers or subsidies.

    Click on the link below to read full article!

    Illegal Housing Discrimination Against Veterans Article - PDF Link

  • 15 Feb 2018 11:15 AM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    Rent Control & Capital Gains Tax Update

    From the WLA Political Action Committee


    We urge our members to call and follow-up with an email to the members of the House of Representatives opposing the Capital Gains Tax (HB 2967). Attached are the members of the House of Representatives.

    House of Representatives Members List - Excel Doc


    We are currently in our 30th day of the 60-day Legislative Session.  The following is a quick update on legislation impacting our industry.


    HB 2583 and SB 6400, concerning local authority to address affordable housing needs through regulation of rent and associated charges, were introduced early in the 2018 session.  These bills would permit local cities and counties to allow rent control on rented/leased residential properties as they see fit and would repeal the 1981 state preemption against rent control. 


    Chester and I attended the hearing on SB 6400, prepared to testify against taking away the state preemption.  Seattle City Council Member, Kshama Sawant, testified supporting this legislation and argued that it would give more affordable housing to low income tenants especially those living in the Seattle area.  Sen. Rebecca Saldana, Prime Sponsor of the bill, spoke of the need to keep affordable housing in Seattle and rent control was one of the tools in the “tool box” to allow low income tenants to live, work and retire in Seattle. 


    HB 2583 was prime sponsored by Rep. Nicole Macri (D-40) and introduced in the House Judiciary Committee.  The bill had a hearing on Tuesday, January 23


    SB 6400 was prime sponsored by Sen. Rebecca Saldaña (D-37) had a hearing in the Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee on Tuesday, January 30.


    Rob Trickler, WLA President, testified against SB 6400 and our lobbing team, Mark Gjurasic, and Chester Baldwin, attended both to these hearings and went on public record in opposition on behalf of the Washington Landlord Association. 


    Neither of these bills were voted out of committee therefore, they are dead for the 2018 session unless they are amended onto another bill or placed into the budget, which will be unlikely.


    Also, introduced was the new State Capital Gains Tax, HB 2967, assisting Washington families by improving the fairness of the state's tax system by enacting a capital gains tax and providing property tax relief, by Rep. Kristine Lytton (D-40), and Representatives Dolan, Wylie, Frame, Valdez, Pollet, Doglio, Santos, and Macri.


    This legislation would reduce the state property tax levy and replace it with the capital gains excise tax.  The bill was referred to the House Finance Committee.  It has not had hearing to date and may still be scheduled for a hearing as it is “Necessary to Implement the Budget.” 


    You can find the draft of the bill at the following link: 



    I want to thank all of you who contacted lawmakers in opposition of Rent Control!

    Thank you in advance.   
    Many thanks.   
    Mark Gjurasic 
    Public Affairs of Washington, LLC 
    (360) 481-6000  


  • 28 Jan 2018 1:34 PM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    Dear WLA Members:


    Please notice the two changes to the hearing schedule in regards to the rent control legislation. 


    The time of the hearing of SB 6400 in the Senate Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee on Tuesday, February 30 has moved from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. in the JA Cherberg Building Room 3.


    The house version HB 2583 was removedfrom Executive Session (vote out of committee) in the House Judiciary Committee.


    The policy cutoff is Friday, February 2.  If these bills are not voted out to committee they will be DEAD for the 2018 session.




    Meeting is now scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m.

    Financial Institutions & Insurance - 1/30/2018 8:30 a.m.

    Senate Full Committee
    Senate Hearing Rm 3
    J.A. Cherberg Building
    Olympia, WA

    REVISED ON 1/26/2018 AT 5:27 PM

    Public Hearing:

    1. SB 6557 - Concerning sales, use, and excise tax exemptions for self-help housing development.
    2. SB 6532 - Creating a Washington affordable housing tax credit program.
    3. SB 6400 - Concerning local authority to address affordable housing needs through regulation of rent and associated charges.
    4. SJM 8002 - Requesting that Congress enact legislation that would reinstate the separation of commercial and investment banking functions that were in effect under the Glass-Steagall act.

    Possible executive session on bills heard in committee. Other business.



    Removed from Executive Session:  HB 2583 Concerning local authority to address affordable housing needs through regulation of rent and associated charges; HB 2537 Regarding foreclosure and distraint sales of manufactured/mobile or park model homes; and HB 2376 Concerning the sufficient age for contracting a marriage.


    Added to Possible Executive Session:  HB 1798, HB 1811, HB 2253, HB 2262, HB 2405, and HB 2731.

    Judiciary - 2/1/2018 1:30 p.m.

    House Full Committee
    House Hearing Rm A
    John L. O'Brien Building
    Olympia, WA

    REVISED ON 1/26/2018 AT 4:28 PM

    Possible Executive Session:

    1. HB 2791 - Concerning faith-based exemptions regarding criminal mistreatment of children and vulnerable adults.
    2. HB 2578 - Preserving and expanding rental housing options for persons whose source of income is derived from or includes sources other than employment.
    3. HB 2475 - Concerning the tolling of construction defect claims.
    4. HB 2544 - Requiring property sold in tax lien foreclosure proceedings to be sold as is.
    5. HB 2587 - Concerning required disclosures for special prosecuting attorneys.
    6. HB 2687 - Increasing appropriated funding for public defense services.
    7. HB 2541 - Expanding the classes of persons who may provide informed consent for certain patients who are not competent to consent.
    8. HB 1798 - Concerning the sale of manufactured/mobile home communities.
    9. HB 1811 - Concerning notice of material changes to the operations or governance structure of a health care provider or provider organization.
    10. HB 2253 - Concerning the right to control disposition of the remains of a deceased minor child.
    11. HB 2262 - Concerning actions for wrongful injury or death.
    12. HB 2405 - Concerning implementation of mandatory provisions of the federal rule on flexibility, efficiency, and modernization in child support enforcement programs regarding health care coverage.
    13. HB 2731 - Concerning collection of medical debt.
    14. HB 2873 - Addressing motorcycle profiling.
    15. HB 2605 - Addressing misdemeanant supervision services by limited jurisdiction courts.
    16. HB 2611 - Concerning the privilege for peer support group counselors.
    17. HB 2831 - Concerning construction defect actions.
    18. HB 2790 - Concerning the condominium and homeowners' association dispute resolution program.
    19. HJM 4016 - Concerning the deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) program.
    20. HB 1945 - Allowing prospective jurors who are elderly to choose to be excused from jury service or to remain a prospective juror.
    21. HB 2385 - Concerning solemnization of marriage by elected officials.
    22. HB 2640 - Limiting liability for registered apiarists.
    23. HB 2822 - Concerning service animals.



    Thank you in advance.   
    Many thanks.   
    Mark Gjurasic                                                             
    Public Affairs of Washington, LLC 
    (360) 481-6000  


  • 20 Jan 2018 11:17 AM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)


    WLA Legislative Hearing Schedule Week of Monday, January 22

    WLA PDF LINK: Bill Status Report

    Dear WLA Members:


    The week of January 15th, 2018 was the second week of the 2018 legislative session in Olympia. This week’s big news was agreement to terms on behalf of both parties in both houses on the Hirst Water issue Tuesday night, an issue which has been dominating Washington state politics over the last year. Thursday night they rushed this legislation through both the house and senate, freeing the way for the passage of the $4 billion-dollar state capital budget, which was politically tied to the Hirst issue and failed to pass last year. Barring anything unexpected happening on the governor’s desk, both are likely to be signed into law shortly.


    Elsewhere around the capitol political pressure continues to grow on carbon reduction measures, housing, and gun control issues. Things continue to move rapidly around the capitol as the February 2nd policy committee cutoff date.


    Attached (see PDF link above) is a report of bills that we are tracking and those that are scheduled for a hearing for the week of Monday, January 22 to Friday, January 26.


    Bills highlighted in green we support, grey we are neutral/monitor, pink we have concerns, and red we oppose.


    Below is a hearing schedule of high priority bills.


    The most important hearing is in opposition of HB 2583, concerning local authority to address affordable housing needs through regulation of rent and associated charges, which is scheduled for a public hearing on Tuesday, January 23 at 10:00 a.m. in the House Judiciary Committee in the John L. O’Brien Building Room A.  We need our members to come to Olympia and voice their opposition of this bill.


    Please let me know who plans on attending any of the hearings to testify in Olympia. 


    Appropriations (House) - HHR A, JLOB - 1/22 @ 3:30pm


    • ESHB 1570 - Exec Session - Concerning access to homeless housing and assistance.
    • HB 1873 - Exec Session - Concerning lead-based paint certification fees.



    Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs (House) - HHR E, JLOB - 1/23 @ 10:00am


    • HB 2503 - Public Hearing - Concerning zoning regulations relating to accessory dwelling units.
    • HB 2480 - Public Hearing - Providing local governments with options to preserve affordable housing in single-family neighborhoods.
    • HB 2538 - Exec Session - Exempting impact fees for low-income housing development.
    • SHB 1987 - Exec Session - Concerning allowing affordable housing development on religious organization property.


    Judiciary (House) - HHR A, JLOB - 1/23 @ 10:00am


    • HB 2583 - Public Hearing - Concerning local authority to address affordable housing needs through regulation of rent and associated charges.
    • HB 2578 - Public Hearing - Preserving and expanding rental housing options for persons whose source of income is derived from or includes sources other than employment.
    • HB 2475 - Public Hearing - Concerning the tolling of construction defect claims.



    Local Government (Senate) - SHR 4, JACB - 1/23 @ 1:30pm


    • SB 6294 - Public Hearing - Exempting impact fees for low-income housing development.

  • 12 Jan 2018 4:57 PM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    WLA PAC Legislative Hearing Schedule

    Week of Monday, January 15

    Dear WLA Members:

    The week of January 8th marked the start of the 2018 legislative session in Olympia. The governor gave his state-of-the-state address on Tuesday where he labeled carbon tax legislation his top priority for the 60 day session. Washington State Republicans countered, labeling fixing the Hirst water rights crisis their number one priority for the session.

    Following the special election in the 45th district Washington democrats have gained control of the state senate in addition to the house, increasing pressure on them to move forward with some of their policy objectives. Two other leftovers from last session continue to dominate many discussions around the Capitol, last session’s four billion dollar capital budget which failed to pass after becoming politically tied to the Hirst problem, and education funding to fully comply with the McCleary decision to the tune of one billion dollars.

    More than 850 new bills have been introduced so far this session and most committees are busy holding hearings and working their way through the backlog.

    Attached is a report of bills that we are tracking and those that are scheduled for a hearing for the week of Monday, January 15 to Friday, January 19.

    WLA Bill Status Report & Schedule - PDF

    Those highlighted in yellow need a position whether, support, oppose, monitor or neutral. Bills highlighted in green we support, grey we are neutral/monitor, pink we have concerns, and red we oppose.

    Attached is the hearing schedule of high priority bills for your review. We encourage you to come to Olympia to testify these bills.

    Please let us know who plans on coming to Olympia.

    Thank you in advance.  

    Many thanks.  


    Mark Gjurasic                                                             

    Public Affairs of Washington, LLC 


    (360) 481-6000  

  • 11 Jan 2018 11:03 PM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    Rent Control Legislation HB 2583

    Rereferred to House Judiciary Committee


    Contact Members of the

    Judiciary Committee


    HB 2583




    Dear WLA Members:


    HB 2583, concerning local authority to address affordable housing needs through regulation of rent and associated charges, was originally introduced in the Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs Committee, and was just referred today to the House Judiciary Committee.


    This bill allows local cities and counties to allow rent control on rented/leased residential properties, which includes manufactured housing communities.  This bill repeals the 1981 state preemption against rent control and allows cities to regulate your rent in any way that they would like.


    We need you to do some grassroots and contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee in OPPOSITION of HB 2583


    Attached is a factsheet on why rent control is not beneficial to tenants, community and landlords as well as the list of committee members.


    Please ACT right away!


    Thank you in advance.   
    Many thanks.   
    Mark Gjurasic                                                             
    Public Affairs of Washington, LLC 
    (360) 481-6000  

  • 16 Nov 2017 6:31 PM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    The November 2017 Newsletter is Here!

    If you're a WLA member with a username and password to our website, then you can download a PDF of the WLA newsletter to your desktop computer or mobile device.


    1. Login to our website

    2. Locate the Newsletters section in the Menu on the left side of our Homepage. Please Note: The Newsletters section will only show up in the menu after you login first.

    3. On the Newsletters page, you will see a list of links to each of our monthly newsletters. Click on the newsletter link you wish to view and a PDF should pop up. The top link is our most recent newsletter.

    Note: Many of our past newsletters are on there, so feel free to download and view as many as you like. If you are a member without a username and password, then please contact the Everett Office Manager, Katrina Christoffersen, at 425-353-6929 or everett@walandlord.com. She can either set you up with a login or email you a PDF of the newsletter.

  • 27 Jul 2017 12:09 PM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    A look at the New Organization by Rob Trickler

    First let me begin by giving all of our members a profound welcome to the newly merged organization. Whether you are member of Washington Apartment Association doing business as Washington Rental Owners Association or a member or a Washington Landlord Association, as a result of this merger you are now members of the oldest and largest landlord support organization in the State of Washington. With a membership of approaching 9,000 paid members across the state, you have a very strong voice in Olympia and our industry. Welcome to your new leadership role.

    Let me open a bit on what this powerful new marriage brings to the table. First, if you are a WLA member you have had a tenant screening option but there are some things you may not know about that tenant screening.  Despite having been presented for many years as a WLA benefit, the truth is that WLA has absolutely no ownership interest in the screening that has been promoted. That means no money spent on that screening goes back into WLA to support the cause. What you may know is that it had a very limited, in fact, singular menu.  All you could do was check court records and not credit or other financial matters.  What you now have is a strong partnership with NTN that allows you a wide variety of choices.  You may check credit details personally or you might just provide your personal criteria and standards and let our partners tell you if the candidate meets those standards.  You might also want to do checks of the court and even courts of other states if you have a candidate that has moved from another state. You may want to know how they behaved in that former state. You can do that now.

    We offer an attorney help line. While there may have been limited help by phone in the past you now have an option that can get you to an attorney practicing in landlord tenant law in your area. There are three of us and we very nearly cover the entire state in our practice area and we can provide competent advice in your landlord tenant issue.  It is not an open hotline that has no limits but most answers can be provided in a 10 or 15 minute call and you will get that for free without having to hunt and peck through the phone book or google.  Let me add that Eric Steven, Chester Baldwin and myself very much know what we are doing in this arena and take pride in supporting landlords.

    Both organizations have long had legal forms related to landlording. I am going to be brutally honest. All three of the afore mentioned attorneys have spent significant time trying to fix problems that landlords have had based on the forms that WLA has been providing to its members. Now you get forms that are vetted and tested and proven my attorneys that practice as landlord attorneys. You know have free access to those reliable forms in a digital form that will be updated accurately and responsively as the law requires. Your forms library is responsive to the law as it is, not as a layperson would like them to be. We have your back.

    One of the biggest additions is that you now have in your corner one of the most respected and effective lobby teams on Capitol Hill. Going strong for this organization for circa 30 years we have had a great deal of success. Respect from law makers is not something that just comes over night. It must be earned and nurtured and we have done that. Everyone in our industry has a very influential voice in Olympia and that cannot be undervalued or replaced on a whim.  The number of bills that would negatively impact landlords and rental owners that have been stopped by our team is stunning and we have had a number of successes getting helpful bills passed such as our deceased tenant legislation.  We are all members of the legislative “A Team” now.

    Political Action Committee is another benefit that the merger brings to the table.  It probably goes largely unnoticed but we win a number of battles for our industry by getting the right candidates elected and reelected.  For example the issue of rent control has been a looming battle for several years.  That may not be obvious to many members because we have managed to keep a bill allowing rent control from even coming to the legislative floor by helping to elect and reelect the candidates friendly to the landlording industry.  This organization has an active PAC that does not sit idly by hope we hit the election lottery.  We hold fundraising events for our candidates where we can sit across the table from them, tell them our concerns, stories and hopes then get up and shake their hands and hand them a check showing that we support them when they support us.  That gets noticed.  That makes a difference.

    Oh and did I mention that our organization, which you are all members of, is an owner of the Trends Trade Show held every year in December at the Seattle Convention Center. This happens to be the largest landlord orientated trade show in the Pacific Northwest. Possibly the west.  Not only does this trade show provide a tremendous wealth of information in the form of vendors and workshops, and a venue to advertise and market, but it also brings in significant revenue to the organization. Probably my favorite part of this asset is the education that it provides to our members. That is why I remain an active member of the Trends board and do my part to guide our Trends programs.

    Let me close with a couple of simple but relevant points. Our members get this all at the lowest cost of any similar organization.  Let’s face it $50 is less than a single dinner with your significant other. We are flat giving everything I mentioned above away at that rate. Do an internet search on some other organizations and the cost of their memberships and you will find that this is the best value you can find anywhere in my opinion. In effect, this is the cheapest insurance you can buy for protecting your hard earned and hard kept landlord investment. Your membership makes it possible and every member is to be commended for protecting our livelihood and industry.

    Semper Fi

    Rob W. Trickler

    President WLA

    Attorney and Counselor at Law.

  • 27 Jul 2017 12:05 PM | KATRINA CHRISTOFFERSEN (Administrator)

    Dear WLA Members,

    We have important and exciting news for all Washington Landlord Association (WLA) members. On August 1, 2017, WLA will merge with Washington Rental Owners Association. This merger will create the largest, with approximately 9,000 members and, the most experienced landlord association in Washington State.  

    As most of you are aware, Tim Seth, the former founder of WLA, passed away October 3, 2016.  Mr. Seth started WLA in 1996 and through hard work, dedication and careful management, built his company into the largest non-profit landlord association in Washington State. Mr. Seth’s work will not be forgotten and his tireless efforts to improve the rental industry and promote laws benefiting landlords statewide are greatly appreciated.    Unfortunately, at the time of his death, he left no succession plan naming a replacement to fill his role and continue the management and lobbying services of WLA.  


    After his death, several members of WLA’s board of directors met in late October 2016 and discussed possible options for the association. Several board members decided that court intervention along with the appointment of a Receiver was necessary in order to provide the best possible solution to temporarily manage WLA’s operations until a qualified successor could be named. On January 6, 2017, the Thurston County Superior Court reviewed the facts of this case and appointed Mel R. Codd as General Receiver for WLA.

    During the first 6 months of 2017, the Receiver completed a thorough investigation and interviewed all of the available board members and officers of WLA. In addition, the Receiver spoke with many of  WLA’s landlords and solicited their input on what members need most and, the type of services most helpful when operating rental real estate, especially under the current conditions imposed by state and local government laws.  The Receiver also asked for member input for the future goals of the association. After conducting these interviews, the Receiver identified two possible options for the future management of WLA. The first option would involve keeping WLA intact, as a stand-alone independent association. This option however, was predicated on the identification, nomination and vote for a replacement candidate to fill the role of president and CEO, which was no easy task. The second option entailed merging WLA with another professionally managed non-profit landlord association. Two potential suitor associations were identified, both of which offer member services and benefits very similar to those of WLA. The Receiver interviewed both associations and learned that WROA would provide the best possible services for WLA’s members going forward.  WROA was founded in 1953 and is a highly respected association, with 3 offices located in Everett, Olympia and Bremerton. Based on the facts in this case and the information provided, the Receiver determined that a merger with WROA offered the best future solution for WLA and its members. 


    In June, the Receiver filed a motion with the Thurston County Superior Court requesting approval of the proposed merger with WROA. After careful consideration, the Court approved the merger on July 14, 2017. The merger will become effective August 1, 2017.   

    During the next month, we have considerable work to do. We’re presently working to complete the merger, organizing office staff and designing a new, more powerful website for the combined associations. We plan to offer even greater member services and benefits to landlords statewide. Please look for additional information during the next 60 days. Your current member password will  allow you continued access to WLA’s website, forms and resources, however, please see additional articles in this newsletter regarding updating your member information and account access code. 

    Your membership dues will not change as a result of this merger.    

    We are extremely fortunate to have found WROA and with their guidance we will continue our mission of serving every landlord statewide. The combined association will operate under the name Washington Landlord Association or WLA and we are truly looking forward to building a stronger combined association with greater benefits for landlords statewide.


    Best regards, 

    Mel R. Codd

    General Receiver

    Washington Landlord Association

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